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The Flow Cytometry Core Facility offer a wide variety of training opportunities

Self-Use Training

Analyzers: (Self-use is available 24/7) 

Aurora (all three are 5-laser - with or without HTS plate sampler) for self-run after one training (contact Susanne to schedule)

BD Symphony A5 - 5 laser, operates similarly to the Celesta but with 30 parameters

BioRad ZE5 for self-run after one training (contact Ted  to schedule training after viewing the demo recording)

Celesta 3-laser replacement for the LSR 

Celesta/Symphony training (with or without HTS) are open for self use after training (contact Yuehua to schedule)

FlowSight for self-run after one training (contact Susanne to schedule)

MACSQuant for self-run after one training (contact Yuehua to schedule)


BD FACSMelody - available for two way sorting or 96 well plates, our simplest to learn. This sorter is very automated, and training begins by observing a scheduled staff-assisted sort, followed by one sort that you schedule and perform during staff hours. Visit the "Melody" calendar to schedule. Self-use is available 24/7 (contact Yuehua to schedule). 

SONY MA900 - four way sorting, semi-colinear lasers, easy to learn. Training begins by observing a scheduled staff-assisted sort, followed by one sort that you schedule and perform during staff hours. A second identical Sony MA900 is housed in the BT2 BSL-3 facility. Call the core for scheduling. Self-use is available 24/7 (contact Susanne to schedule). 

BD FACSAria - 4 way sorting or various plates, our most complex sorter. You must demonstrate need to use at least twice a month before training for self-use (Contact Carol for approval). Celesta/Symphony operator training is a prerequisite for Aria training. Sort training is billed as sorting time and is subject to our cancellation policy: cancellations within 48 hr will be subject to a 2 hr charge. Self-use is available after work hours for the BSL-2+ Arias.

FlowJo is a powerful off-line flow cytometry analysis software package offered at a significant discount due to our UMMass Chan site license. Excellent tutorials can be found at and we offer introductory training to familiarize you with this popular application. UMass Chan faculty, students and staff can join the subscription by contacting Dr. Rachel Gerstein. Dr. Gerstein will also train users in FlowJo by request and can be consulted about data analysis strategies.

FCS Express is an easy to use cytometry analysis software package also at a discounted site license. FCS Express is designed with Microsoft Office workflow capabilities which streamlines data publication in any Office application. 

When scheduling an analysis with a facility operator the investigator is welcome to participate in the set-up of the experiment. These can be very useful and informative collaborations. We need your participation for cell sorting appointments in order to set the gates for your populations of interest.