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Educational and Technical Links:

UMASS Medical School Flow Cytometry Core


International Society for Analytical Cytology - ISAC

New England Cytometry Users Group

FloCyte Associates Training

Purdue University Flow and Image Cytometry

Holden Maecker, Ph.D.

BD Biosciences Educational Programs Online for beginners for Diva training

Recommended Reading

Dr. Mario Roederer's Compensation Page:

Howard M. Shapiro, MD.:  Practical Flow Cytometry, 4th Edition 

Michael G Ormerod: Flow Cytometry – A Basic Introduction


BDBiosciences Spectral Viewer    

FluoroFinder  Design Experiments for UMASS Flow Core's cytometers’ laser and filter configurations.

ThermoFisher Scientific / Invitrogen / eBioscience / Molecular Probes

Biolegend Live/Dead cell discrimination

Why use FMOs?

Block that FcR: non-specific Fc receptor-mediated antibody binding

Filtration recommendations

Sterile 12x75 mm tubes with filter caps are available; by Corning - Fisher Cat. number 08-771-23

Nitex Nylon Filtration Mesh order from: ELKO Filtering Co, LLC. ( Nylon mesh roll 37µ opening size, 40" wide, sold by the yard) Item#: 03-37/24 

Miltenyi MACS® SmartStrainers  #130-098-458

Corporate – Instruments and reagents…

ThermoFisher Scientific / Invitrogen / eBioscience / Molecular Probes


Amnis ImageStream Cytometer


BD Biosciences                                       





Diatec Antibodies                                 

eBioscience Antibodies

Evergreen Laser Corporation

Linscott's Antibody Directory


Miltenyi Biotec

Novus Biologicals

Serotec Antibodies

Selleck Chemicals

Sony Biotechnology


VWR Antibody Selector

Treestar (FlowJo) software

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