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Educational and Technical Links:

FluoroFinder has uploaded the UMASS Flow Core's cytometers’ laser and filter configurations.

BDBiosciences Spectral Viewer       

Invitrogen / Molecular Probes Spectral Viewer

BD Biosciences Educational Programs Online

New England Cytometry Users Group

Alice Givan Home Page

Invitrogen / Molecular Probes Educational Programs

Dr. Mario Roederer's Compensation Page

FloCyte Associates Training

Purdue University Flow and Image Cytometry

International Society for Analytical Cytology - ISAC

Holden Maecker, Ph.D. BD Biosciences

Howard Shapiro, MD
Practical Flow Cytometry, 4th Edition
Online Access

Dr. Margaret Goodell - Baylor College

Gary Nolan / Omar Perez
Analysis of Phospho-Proteins

Instrument and Reagent Manufacturers:  


Amnis ImageStream Cytometer


Invitrogen   Attune

Bay Bioscience

BD Biosciences                                                   



Cytobank, a platform for managing, sharing and analyzing flow ctyometry data over the web.


Diatec Antibodies                                    

eBioscience Antibodies

Evergreen Laser Corporation

Guava Technologies

iCyt Mission Technology

Lightwave Lasers /JDS Uniphase           

Linscott's Antibody Directory 

Miltenyibiotec Flow Cytometry   MACSQuant

Molecular Probes                                      

Novus Biologicals

Serotec Antibodies

Selleck Chemicals

VWR IgGy Antibody Selector


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