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LRB BioRad ZE5 - 4B 7V 3R 7UV 5YG

BioRad ZE5 Fluorochrome Selection Guide

BioRad ZE5 Brochure

The 2 identical ZE5 cytomaters are full-featured analyzers with 5 lasers and 30 detectors including dual FCS for simple to complex flow panels. Features include multiple sample formats (5-ml, eppendorfs, and standard or deep-well microplates), temperature controlled sample holder, operational flow rates of 0.025–3.5 μl/sec, up to 100,000 events per second with all parameters enabled, and <0.2 μm FSC resolution with small-particle detection module.

The BioRad ZE5s are located in LRB 357 for self-use analysis. Training is avalilable through the Flow Core.