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Core 5-laser Cytek Aurora Spectral Analyzers

The Cytek Auroras use spectral analysis to allow separation of fluorochromes with very close emission profiles. All 3 Auroras are equipped with 16 UV, 16 Violet, 14 blue, 10 yellow-green and 8 red channels, two scattering channels, and up to 48 fluorescence channels, the Aurora’s optical design enables the use of a wide array of new fluorochrome combinations without reconfiguring the system for each application. One of the 2 Core instruments (Simba) includes a plate sample loader with mixing and temperature control. A third Aurora (with a plate sampler) is housed in a LRB lab.

.The Aurora is available for self-use after training. For more information, please contact the flow core staff at 6-3276.

Cytek Aurora users guide

Aurora Channels Guide

Cytek Aurora website