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Creating and Managing an Integrated Primary Care Practice

Drs. Blount and Adler

This short course offers a  "rigorous orientation" to implementing and managing an integrated primary care practice or network.   

Integration leadership will get an overview of behavioral health integration including the plusses and minuses of models that have proved successful; issues and processes of practice transformation and how to transform the way each clinical team practices.  We have carefully curated and made available a selection of articles, tools, and papers to support the e-learning content. 

But perhaps the most important learning tool is the modeling of the presenters, Sandy Blount and Ron Adler.  Drs. Adler and Blount have worked together as a clinical team in the same practice for almost 19 years.  Dr. Adler is the former Medical Director of the practice and the former Director of Practice Improvement for the Center for the Advancement of Primary Care in the UMassMemorial Health system.  Dr. Blount is a clinical psychologist and the founder of the UMass Center for Integrated Primary Care.  A team in action is an important demonstration that papers and reports don't often capture. 

An Orientation to Practice Integration for Physicians and Integration Leaders

  • Format is pre-recorded e-learning modules
  • About 2-3 hours to complete
  • A live online Q&A Webinar with the Course Director

Course Learning Goal

To introduce key topics of Behavioral Health Integration to key participants: physicians, behavioral health practitioners, practice leaders and any member of an integration team.

Technology Requirements:

An internet connected device with speakers: laptop, desktop computer, tablet, smartphone

For the Q&A sessions, we strongly recommend the use of a broadband connection

*We are not responsible for any participants phone charges/overages/internet usage*

Continuing Education credits available

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Tuition and Payment

  • $200 per individual--please note that we do not allow multiple individuals to view the course with a single registration.  Each participant must register separately
  • payment can be made with credit card, check or institutional POs

Refund Policy: Click here for details