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On-Line tool to support Integrative Medicine Group Visits for Chronic Pain

Dr. Paula Gardiner, CIPC faculty member who leads our efforts in Group Medical visits. In 2019 Dr. Gardiner published the results of a randomized controlled trial in PLOS ONE (read it). MassMedNow featured a story about this research (read it) showing that reduction in pain medication is possible for patients with chronic pain and depression participating in integrative medicine group visits. 

Now Dr. Gardiner is continuing this study and currently recruiting participants to evaluate GEMINI, a new online tool to support medicine group visits for patients with chronic pain.

Call for Participation in Research Study

Greetings from the Family Medicine & Community Health Department!

We are searching for Healthcare Providers (e.g., nurses, doctors, clerkship or resident students, behavioral health providers, etc.) who have experience working with chronic pain patients to take part in a 90-minute Teleconference Interview/Focus Group. It will help us evaluate GEMINI (H00017069), an online tool that’s goal is to provide patients with integrative medicine tools that can be used in their daily lives, and to host online telemedicine groups made up of patients and providers. 

Research Study Expectations:

• Answer a brief (15 minute) survey about your professional background and experience with medical group visits and telemedicine programs

• Participate in a 90-minute (at most) structured interview/focus group during which you will be introduced to GEMINI and asked for feedback

• You can earn $50 for your time and participation

We need your help to understand 1) the features that you expect to see in GEMINI; 2) the benefits that you expect from GEMINI for your work specifically and for other professionals with similar roles in general; and 3) the barriers to adoption of GEMINI that you foresee in your practice and in other similar organizations.

If you are interested in participating in our research study or would like to learn more, contact Diana Rinker (Research Coordinator) by phone at 774-314-9509 or email at