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Faculty for the MGV Training


Paula Gardiner, MD, MPH -- Associate Professor and Associate Research Director, Department of Family Medicine at the UMass Chan Medical School.  She also serves as the group medical visit program director in the Center for Integrated Primary Care. Her research concentration is patient-oriented research regarding chronic pain and evidence-based integrative medicine access in low-income patients.  She has published over 90 reviewed papers on medical group visits, chronic pain, technology, dietary supplements, pregnancy, preconception care, stress, and integrative medicine in underserved patients. Current research is focused on the role of medical group visits to support health behavior change and to reduce pain and stress.

Link to Dr. Gardiner's UMass Chan Medical School profile


Jeffrey Geller, MD, FP -- Jeffrey Geller practices family medicine, integrative medicine, and group visits. He serves as faculty for the Lawrence Family Medicine Residency and lectures frequently as a clinical professor to medical students at Tufts and the UMass Chan Medical Schools. He has been practicing and innovating health care in Lawrence, MA since 1996. He is particularly known for innovating group medical visits as a treatment for loneliness that could be used to provide healthcare to the poor.  He has numerous awards and publications about group visits.  Dr. Geller's current focus is on spreading these ideas and training others in the empowerment model and has created several manuals to help those interested.