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Medical Group Visits

The purpose of medical group visits is to reduce symptoms in patients with chronic disease, reduce loneliness, increase access to care and self-management.  Chronic disease takes a huge toll on quality of life the ability to work, enjoy life, and do routine activities.  Medical group visits work well for patients who are not thriving in the 15-minute visit care model. Groups allow increased time and opportunity to provide care with patients.

Our approach is to build expertise among providers in treating groups of patients, providing them with individual medical attention while also encouraging social support. Additionally, safe and effective integrative techniques like cooking demonstrations, acupressure, and meditation can be used to guide patients through the practices and principles of mindfulness. 

We offer an annual in-person two-day workshop and now have an online course as well. Please fill out the form to the right so you can be notified of upcoming events.

Group of patients throwing a ball

Organization of a Medical Group Visit


Medical Group Visits (MGV) are organized in many different ways and no one best model has been demonstrated in the literature.  MGVs range from 6-20 patients with one to two facilitators and meet at regular intervals, anywhere from weekly to every month from one to four hours. 

MGVs include:

  • individual medical attention
  • patient education
  • time for self-management skills
  • time to connect and socialize  
Dr.Geller teaching a live workshop

Training and Workshops

We offer an annual workshop at the Integrated Center for Group Medical Visits (ICGMV) in Lawrence, MA. Click to see a typical agenda for this two-day event.


CIPC is developing an online training course based on our experiences during the in-person workshops. 

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We are pleased to offer links to what we consider key resources for medical group visits.

Links to Key Resources


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