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PIP Evidence and Research

Eventually, we will have a link to a bibliography of research that uses the PIP and PIP validation articles. Below are 4 validation articles to get started.

  • Hitt, J. R., Brennhofer, S. A., Martin, M. P., Macchi, C. R., Mullin, D., Eeghen, C. van, Littenberg, B., & Kessler, R. S. (2021). Further Experience with the Practice Integration Profile: A Measure of Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 1–11. Link 
  • Mullin, D., Hargreaves, L., Auxier, A., Brennhofer, S., Hitt, J., Kessler, R., Littenberg, B., Macchi, C., Martin, M., Rose, G., Trembath, F., Eeghen, C. (2019). Measuring the integration of primary care and behavioral health services. Health Services Research 54(2), 379 389.  Link 

  • Kessler, R., Auxier, A., Hitt, J., Macchi, C., Mullin, D., Eeghen, C., Littenberg, B. (2016). Development and validation of a measure of primary care behavioral health integration. Families, Systems, & Health 34(4), 342. Link

  • Macchi, C., Kessler, R., Auxier, A., Hitt, J., Mullin, D., Eeghen, C., Littenberg, B. (2016). The Practice Integration Profile: Rationale, development, method, and research. Families, Systems, & Health 34(4), 334. Link