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PIP Evidence and Research

Eventually, we will have a link to a bibliography of research that uses the PIP and PIP validation articles. Below are 4 validation articles to get started.

  • Daniel J. Mullin PsyD, MPH, Lee Hargreaves PhD, Andrea Auxier PhD, Stephanie A. Brennhofer MPH, MS, RDN, Juvena R. Hitt BS, Rodger S. Kessler PhD, ABPP, Benjamin Littenberg MD, C. R. Macchi PhD, Matthew Martin PhD, Gail Rose PhD, Felicia Trembath PhD, MPH, Constance van Eeghen DrPH, MHSA, MBA. Practice Integration Profile Revised: Improving Item Readability and Completion. Families, Systems, & Health, 1-6. Link 
  • Hitt, J. R., Brennhofer, S. A., Martin, M. P., Macchi, C. R., Mullin, D., Eeghen, C. van, Littenberg, B., & Kessler, R. S. (2021). Further Experience with the Practice Integration Profile: A Measure of Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 1–11. Link 
  • Mullin, D., Hargreaves, L., Auxier, A., Brennhofer, S., Hitt, J., Kessler, R., Littenberg, B., Macchi, C., Martin, M., Rose, G., Trembath, F., Eeghen, C. (2019). Measuring the integration of primary care and behavioral health services. Health Services Research 54(2), 379-389.  Link 

  • Kessler, R., Auxier, A., Hitt, J., Macchi, C., Mullin, D., Eeghen, C., Littenberg, B. (2016). Development and validation of a measure of primary care behavioral health integration. Families, Systems, & Health 34(4), 342. Link

  • Macchi, C., Kessler, R., Auxier, A., Hitt, J., Mullin, D., Eeghen, C., Littenberg, B. (2016). The Practice Integration Profile: Rationale, development, method, and research. Families, Systems, & Health 34(4), 334. Link