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Family Members: Allies in Recovery

This page connects you to the support tool Allies in Recovery. Allies in Recovery is a web-based program that focuses on educating family members and loved ones affected by substance use disorders. It provides comprehensive and useful trainings on a variety of topics using the principles of Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT). Allies in Recovery offers education, tools, and a support network to help family members and loved ones.

The state of Massachusetts has purchased memberships to Allies in Recovery.  Membership is FREE to any resident of Massachusetts.

Allies in Recovery membership provides: 

  • An 8-step video course to help you as the family member or loved one
  • Connection to experts who can answer common questions
  • Resources on self-care
  • A community of other family members and loved one’s going through similar challenges
  • Resources on treatment options  

Click the image below to connect to the Allies in Recovery website

Click the image below to connect directly information on accessing a membership and to register.  

You will need a Massachusetts promo code to complete this registration, send an email to: to receive the code.