An Interdisciplinary Patient-Centered Approach to OUD

Posted On: January 18, 2018 Posted By: CIPC Tags: Joan Fleishman, PsyD, Medication-Assisted Treatment for OUD, Opioid Epidemic, Team based competencies

Joan Fleishman

One of our recent fellows, Joan Fleishman, PsyD, is the Behavioral Health Clinical and Research Director in the Department of Family Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). She recently co-authored a paper in the Annals of Family Medicine. “Interdisciplinary Management of Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care” describes a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program in the Pacific Northwest. 

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Dr. Blount part of the team defining IPC competencies

Posted On: December 28, 2017 Posted By: CIPC Tags: Care Coordination and Care Management, CIPC, Dr. Alexander Blount, Dr. Sandy Blount, Primary Care Behavioral Health, Team based competencies

Dr. Sandy BlountThe team-based skills needed for effective behavioral health integration into Primary Care require specific competencies.  Read how our founding director, Dr. Alexander Blount is helping to shape what we mean by "competencies".

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Letter from a friend in Maine

Posted On: December 01, 2017 Posted By: CIPC Tags: Care Coordination and Care Management, Primary Care Behavioral Health

What to do when you know you are getting sicker but your health coverage is closing the door to primary care? Transitions of Care are so tricky.

Very Sick Person

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Introducing a new CIPC faculty member

Posted On: October 05, 2017 Posted By: CIPC Tags: CIPC, Dr. Christine Runyan, Primary Care Behavioral Health

Creating a new online CME course on Behavioral Health in Primary Care for PCPs - UMASS Medical School Professor Christine Runyan, Ph.D. is joining the CIPC faculty to work on a new online course. The Center has been working with partners at Arizona State University to develop Integrated Primary Care workforce training for a large PCORI funded research project. Read more >


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How to convince my boss to pay for my Integrated Care Management training?

Posted On: August 07, 2017 Posted By: Ellen Endter Tags: Care Coordination and Care Management, CIPC

CIPC Blog: How to convince my manager to take the course Integrated Care Management?As one of the team who answers queries and concerns from the public and helps individuals and groups in their decision making, I was really pleased to get this request recently. The team here knows that I am passionate about Care Management. For me, “Integrated Care Management” has such great potential to make a difference in patients’ experience. Read more >

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Online Help for the Community

Posted On: July 17, 2017 Posted By: CIPC Tags: CIPC, Medication-Assisted Treatment for OUD, Primary Care Behavioral Health

Online Help for the CommunityThere is always a fair amount of rejoicing when we receive a new grant, but the most recent for the CIPC, $50,000 from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Massachusetts provides cause for extra excitement. The one-year grant will allow us to build an online course not for providers or health professionals... Read more >

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Motivational Interviewing Across the World

Posted On: June 26, 2017 Posted By: Dan Mullin Tags: CIPC, Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing Across the World When you want to help your patients change you must listen with empathic understanding and acceptance. Sound interesting? This is from Bill Miller’s—one of the founders of Motivational Interviewing-- recent presentation at the International Conference on Motivational Interviewing. CIPC Director, Daniel Mullin, regularly attends and presents at these international conferences, which are attended by a mix of educators, researchers, and consultants. Read more >

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How we made a Center that Cares

Posted On: June 02, 2017 Posted By: CIPC

Our founding director, Alexander Blount, EdD was working side by side with primary care providers at one of UMass Memorial’s primary care clinics.  He and his colleague, Ronald Adler, MD thought a lot about the demands that a busy family medicine focused clinic placed on traditionally trained psychologists. Behavioral health providers (psychologists, clinical social workers, and counselors) were being trained to provide traditional specialty mental health care. Read more >

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