Evidence-Based Program to Build MI Knowledge and Skills

Our Certificate of Intensive Training in Motivational Interviewing is a semester-long course that is founded on the principles detailed in Miller & Rollnick, Motivational Interviewing, 3rd ed. The evidence tells us that clinicians only begin to successfully use MI when they have had opportunities to engage in the deliberate practice of Motivational Interviewing. 

This course is designed for individuals in healthcare fields who wish to become active practitioners of MI. 

Our online course provides a solid academic understanding with 10-hour long video Lessons conducted by Course Director, Daniel Mullin, PsyD, MPH and a faculty of MI experts, all of whom are members of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). We engage students beyond the academic understanding of active skills practice with live, online Learning Labs during which you will be able to practice with other students from around the country who are taking the course.  Finally, at the beginning and end of each course, we give students the opportunity to gauge their skill-building progress via recorded interactions with Acting Patients.  Listen to a sample of an Acting Patient Encounter below. 

These recordings are professionally coded using the universally accepted, MITI and then you can speak with an experienced MI coach to review the coding and hear suggestions about the expertise you were able to demonstrate.

Video, readings, active practice and an analysis and reflection on your growing skills--this is the way to become a capable MI practitioner.