Building knowledge in Motivational Interviewing

If you would like to explore the discipline of Motivational Interviewing in some depth, this course will give you an in-depth academic introduction to MI, based on Miller and Rollnick's Motivational Interviewing, third edition.  Ten Video Lessons given by MI experts will build a solid knowledge of MI, its history, the evidence behind it and the techniques and rationales that form MI.  The Lessons are given by CIPC Director and Course Director, Daniel Mullin, PsyD, MPH, paired with practitioners from across the country who have deep experience and practical knowledge.  All are members of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) the international organization committed to promoting high-quality MI practice and training.  Please click below to see a sample of one of the Lessons.

The Lessons are pre-recorded and can be watched at any time during the duration of the course.  There are short quizzes for each Lesson and a collection of useful readings. 

Click here for a list of Lessons, their objectives and faculty.