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Be it Spiritual or Secular, Finding Your Sanctuary

Posted On: October 29, 2018

Clouds and Rocks at Hermit Island, Maine

Tina Runyan often posts on this blog about wellness and clinician burnout.  This post was prompted by the shootings in the Pittsburgh synagogue.  Read her comments about the concept and reality of sanctuary by clicking on the post title. 

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Making Skillful Choices About Stress

Posted On: September 24, 2018

The word "Stress" in red with pencil breaking

Stress is universal and a part of our everyday lives.  Is all stress harmful? Can we learn to accommodate stress and make more skillful choices about how we respond to this inevitable part of our lives?  

Read what Dr. Runyan wrote to our family medicine residents by clicking on the title.

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Recognizing Impermanence

Posted On: July 12, 2018

The word impermanence written on a sandy beach

We all know this word – the property of not lasting or enduring for an indefinite period of time. But what does that really mean with regards to mindfulness and our experiences?

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Smell the Roses--Unplug

Posted On: June 19, 2018

Smart tech

What you think might be fostering connections to others may actually be amplifying your own critical voice or taking you out of the present moment, hijacking your attention away from your physical company.

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Restructuring Care vs Personal Resilience?

Posted On: April 03, 2018

VanGogh Wheatfield with Crows


This is Part 2 of a 3-part blog on physician burnout.

Medicine boasts a “find it and fix it” (ideally as quickly and as painlessly as possible) mentality. However, changing and fixing systems is as, if not more, complicated than human beings and when things are going wrong, rarely is it one specific fix that can address all the issues. 

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A recent article sparks conversation about burnout

Posted On: March 27, 2018

Despondent looking man in Van Gogh painting


Recently, one of our family doctors posted a link to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine about physician burnout, a recently hot topic purporting epidemic levels of physician burnout with not only personal impact but also patient care implications. A nerve was touched. 

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Thoughts and Intentions

Posted On: March 16, 2018

Molecular Thoughts

Choosing which thoughts to believe and which to be curious about and which to dismiss takes attention and conscious effort. Once we are aware, however, we can gain control over a tendency to passively accept thoughts as truth and begin to shift our reactions to our thoughts.  

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