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Translational Oncology

The mission of the Translational Oncology (TO) Program is to bridge scientific discoveries developed at the Cancer Center to the clinic. The overarching goals are to build the tools, promote training and enhance collaborative programs that enable us to bring basic research to clinical trials and vice-versa.

The primary goals of our faculty are to determine the best combination of anti-cancer therapeutics and to develop innovative drug delivery tools. Improving drug responses and overcoming drug resistance induced by current therapeutics are additional goals of the program.

Research in the TO Program aims to:

  • Develop novel cancer therapeutic agents and approaches including small molecule inhibitors therapeutic RNAs, immunomodulatory treatments.
  • Repurpose approved drugs for cancer indications.
  • Create effective interventions to limit or treat drug resistance.
  • Design delivery approaches and systems for cancer therapeutics.
  • Conduct/support clinical trials to evaluate new chemotherapy treatment options, identify novel biomarkers of response, and prognostic markers.
  • Advance surgical procedures for quality and outcomes improvement.


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