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Ashish Kulkarni, PhD

Research Focus - Immunoengineering: Interfacing Engineering with Immunology

  • Immunotherapeutics: Focal manipulation of the immune contexture with minimal systemic side effects is important for an effective immune response. We develop nanomedicine platforms for therapeutically modulating the immune response.
  • Immunotheranostics: Accurate monitoring of clinical efficacy of immunotherapy is challenging. Our aim is to develop stimuli-responsive immunotheranostic probes for early and accurate monitoring of the immunotherapy response.
  • Immunoengineering: We develop engineering platforms, such as microfluidic systems, microscale and nanoscale systems, and scaffolds, for probing immune-cell interactions

Representative Publication

Kulkarni AA, Chandrasekar V, Natarajan SK, et al. A designer self-assembled supramolecule amplifies macrophage immune responses against aggressive cancer. Nature Biomed Eng. 2018;2(8):589-599.

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