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B. Nicolas Bloch, MD

Research Focus - Cancer Imaging, Image-Guided Interventions and Treatment Planning

  • Correlate prostate and breast imaging phenotypes and MRI-ultrasound imaging classifiers with histology, immunohistochemistry, gene expression profiles and proteomics to advance knowledge for a broad range of breast and prostate diseases, as well as their early diagnosis, progression and treatment, through the development of new imaging biomarkers for precision medicine
  • Design and development of biopsy and treatment tools, such as biopsy markers, and treatment planning phantoms and atlases in collaboration with engineers and image post-processors

Representative Publication

Lee CL, Dietrich MC, Desai UG, et al. A 3D-printed patient-specific phantom for external beam radiation therapy of prostate cancer. J Eng Sci Med Diagn Ther. 2018;1(4):041004.

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