BAWM 2015 to 2016 Schedule

October 7, 2015

1: Inna Nechipurenko (Sengupta Lab) A conserved role for Girdin in ciliogenesis and basal body positioning "

2: Amy Walker (Walker Lab) lpin-1 is necessary for low-PC activation of SBP-1/SREBP-1  "

3: Gareth Harris (Zhang Lab) "Genes and circuits that drive sensory integration: How do worms integrate both food
 and repulsive stimuli?"

4: Nikhil Bhatla (Horvitz Lab) "Neural circuits that control feeding in response to light"

November 18, 2015

1. Navonil Banerjee (Francis Lab) "Neuropeptide signaling regulates the timing of C. elegans egg-laying."

2: Ian McLachlan (Heiman Lab) "Glia shape sensory dendrites through GRDN-1/Girdin and SAX-7/L1CAM"

3. Alexandra Byrne (Hammarlund Lab) "Poly(ADP-ribosylation) regulates axon regeneration"

4: Kaitlin Driscoll (Horvitz Lab) "The Putative TRP Channel CED-11 Functions to Increase Nuclear Membrane Permeability in C. elegans Apoptosis”


January 20, 2016

1: Louis Lapierre (Lapierre Lab) "Autophagy-mediated longevity is modulated by lipoprotein biogenesis "

2: Caroline Heintz (Mair Lab) "Pre-mRNA Splicing Homeostasis Predicts Life Expectancy & Can Be Targeted To Promote Healthy Aging"

3: Jeffrey Bouffard (Cram Lab) "Analysis of calcium signaling in the spermatheca"

4: Roberto Perales (Kennedy Lab) "Regulation of trans-generational epigenetic inheritance in C. elegans"

 March 23, 2016

1:Olga Minkina (Hunter Lab) "Germline- and soma-specific mechanisms of heritable epigenetic silencing at an endogenous locus"

2:  Zoë Hilbert (Kim Lab) " A sexually dimorphic transcriptional switch integrates information about microbial environment and nutritional state to regulate exploratory behavior"

3: Anand Sitaram (Aroian Lab) "nck-1 and defense against bacterial pore-forming toxins"

4: Alyssa Cecchetelli (Cram Lab) "CACN-1 is required in the Caenorhabditis elegans somatic gonad for proper oocyte development"

 May 25, 2016

1: Frank Slack (Slack Lab) "MicroRNAs and aging”

2: Erin Dahlstrom (Levine Lab) "The coordinated heat shock response in C. elegans "

3: Xico Gracida (Colarco Lab) "A heat-sensitive Elongin complex subunit identified in a pair of neurons regulates serotonin levels and modifies stimulus-induced behavior"

4: Meltem Isik (Blackwell Lab) "Elucidation of novel mTORC1 target genes and pathways "

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