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  • gold megaphone shouting 2 new research grants

    Newly Funded Research in September 2023

    Transitions is pleased to announce that in September 2023 two of our researchers received funding for new projects. Please join us in congratulating Lourah Kelly, and Kathryn Sabella on these important research studies. 

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  • young black adult with briefcase and travel coffee mug

    Now Recruiting for the Tools for Work Success Study!

    Our Center is recruiting for a new study, the "Tools for Work Success Study". The main purpose of this study is to determine which of the two approaches is most effective in helping young adults, ages 18 to 30 years old with mental health conditions, develop skills around focus, memory, planning/time management, and problem-solving for work. 

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  • thumbnail of comic transcript available in post

    Adulting Shorts: Passport to Adulting: Managing Your Paperwork

    This info-comic is for youth and young adults with serious mental health conditions with tips about keeping and protecting important personal records and information.

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    Episode 11: Progress isn't Linear, You Might Even Need a Detour Out of School

    Graduate high school, graduate college, get a job. A deceivingly simple timeline that young adults were expected to follow since they were kids. In reality, life is messy and we're here to tell you detours along the way are normal and there's more than one way to reach your goals. In this episode, we bring on Maya Ingram, a Project Director here at UMass Chan Medical School. Maya tells her story of how she navigated the ups and downs life has thrown at her all while paving the way for her career.

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