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    Promoting Young Adult Success in School & Work - Free Training for Providers

    This free online and interactive resource aims to inspire and support those who work with and care about young adults with mental health conditions as they pursue career ambitions. 

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    Ep. 15: “Nothing About Us Without Us”- Practicing self-advocacy as a young adult with a mental health condition

    AmandaGrace Krier, a certified peer specialist with Youth MOVE National joins the show and discusses her journey advocating for herself in school and then in the workplace. There is not just one way to practice advocacy. It can look like anything from standing up for yourself to standing up for others through legislation. For AmandaGrace, self-advocacy was not always easy but was a skill she had to practice. Now she teaches others how they can practice advocacy for themselves, and she shares these tips with us including tips on obtaining accommodations in work and school.

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    Adulting Shorts: Let’s Talk About Workplace Accommodations

    Work can be hard! If you have a mental health condition, you might need to ask for an accommodation at work. An accommodation is a change to the way your job is done to allow you to do your job well when you have a disability. This comic by the NIDILRR-funded Learning & Working RRTC shares some real-world experiences young adults with lived experience of mental health conditions when working. 

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    STAY Tuned Podcast Ep. 14: Can Avatars Help Young Adults Manage Alcohol Use Problems & Suicidal Thoughts?

    Can a mobile intervention using avatars help young adults manage their mental health after being discharged from the emergency department? Dr. Lourah Kelly’s “Avatar Project” explores this possibility. She’s testing an app-based cognitive behavioral therapy intervention for young adults with alcohol misuse and suicidal thoughts who have visited the ED. 

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