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Clinical diagnostic imaging is conducted within our clinical partner, University of Massachusetts Medical Health Center (UMMHC),operating facilities throughout the greater Worcester area.

Significant expansion in NeuroImaging Research Core Facilities on the UMass Chan Medical School campus are expected in the near future.  Current research neuroimaging capabilities range the entire gamut from the whole-animal/ human level to cellular and molecular levels.

At a more cellular level, the Sanderson Center for Optical Experimentation (SCOPE)  has microscopy and imaging equipment for quantitative imaging, live-cell imaging, confocal,and time-lapse microscopy, and provides training and assistance with microscopy and image analysis.

The Core Electron Microscopy facility has four transmission electron microscopes and one scanning electron microscope, provides training and consultation.

The state-of-the-art microscopes of the Cryo-EM core facility allow subcellular imaging and provides a regional resource for structural biology. See also Opening.

Additional imaging and analysis facilities exist throughout the campus.