CryoEM Core Facility

The CRYO-EM Facility hosts two high-end Transmission Electron Microscopes.

Titan Krios is a state-of-the-art sophisticated high-voltage (300kV) transmission electron microscope. It has  a superb electronic optical system and  a capability to do fast high-throughput data collection. Titan Krios is equipped with the latest Gatan Image Filter (GIF) and Gatan K2 Summit direct electron detector. This combination allows better electron signal to be recorded. This configuration is currently the ideal setup for high-resolution  structure visualization, using single-particle electron cryo-microscopy and electron tomography.

Talos-Arctica is  a 200kV microscope, also equipped with an autoloader to allow fast sample screening and high-resolution data collection. The microscope has a Titan-like objective lens system. . Talos-Arctica is equipped with Gatan’s K2 Summit direct electron detector for the best quality image acquisition.

Both microscopes are equipped with a Volta Phase Plate to enable visualization of smaller macromolecular complexes.
The facility has additional equipment for sample preparation and storage, including two FEI Vitrobot Mark IV, a glow discharge unit, an auto-filled 55-cylinder cryo-grid storage system etc..

Contact Us- Cryo-EM Core

Chen Xu, Ph.D
Core Director
Phone: (774)502-6698




KangKang Song, Ph.D
Core Manager
Phone: (972) 413-9035


Susanna Perkins
Director Research Cores & Operations
Phone: (508) 856-8255



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