Optical Animal Imaging Facility

The IVIS-100 (Perkin-Elmer) is the camera for use in the Optical Animal Imaging Facility and is located within the Animal Facility (room SA-470 off hallway 5). The IVIS-100 imaging system detects both bioluminescence and fluorescence that is contained within solution, petri dishes, culture plates, cells or live animals.

The system consist of a light-tight imaging chamber, a high-sensitivity cooled charge coupled device (CCD) camera, a cooling system for the camera, and computer with related software for acquisition and analysis.  There is also an anesthesia induction chamber and vaporizer for gaseous anesthesia.

The image acquisition time is short, about 1-3 minutes; therefore this system is often used for high-throughput screening. The chamber can hold 1-5 mice or 1-3 rats in a single view. The IVIS-100 can also be combined with other imaging modalities (such as PET, SPECT, CT or MRI). The equipment is user friendly and after a brief training session can be used without assistance of Core personnel although an operator will assist when needed.

Frequently studies are designed to monitor animals over a period of time. Examples are: monitor tumor development, progression and metastasis; or identify the presence and growth of microorganisms. Since the amount of light emitted is proportional to the number of light-emitting cells, the growth or spread of the tumors or microorganisms can be determined by measuring the increase in light emission.

All are reminded that any use of live animals requires IACUC approval. Please check that optical imaging and related procedures are included in your animal use protocol.

A calendar sign-up is available to reserve a time slot. The link is found at the bottom of this page called, “Make a Reservation”. Be sure to sign up well in advance.

Internal rate is $48 per hour (invoiced through the Research Cores Office).
External rate is $200 per hour.

If you are interested in using the Optical Camera please contact:

Core Director:
Mary Rusckowski, Ph.D., Department of Radiology, S6-315.
Mary.Rusckowski@umassmed.edu; 508-856-6972
Core operator:
Yuzhen Wang, PhD, Department of Radiology, S6-308.
Yuzhen.Wang@umassmed.edu; 508-334-2296

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