The Educational Recognition Awards

The first Educational Recognition Awards ceremony was held in 1999, envisioned by an ad hoc faculty group as a means of reaffirming education as the founding and primary mission of the campus. The event is characterized by recognition of educational excellence in all three schools, a celebration of the collaboration between the three schools and pride in the dedication, passion and creativity of faculty. Recipients are nominated and chosen by their faculty colleagues; students also participate in the nominating process within the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the Graduate School of Nursing. The awards are presented by the deans of each school at an event held toward the end of the academic year.

2018 Recipients

Graduate School of Nursing 

GSN Dean’s Award
Jesica Pagano-Therrien, PhD, RN, CPNP

GSN Distinguished Faculty Awards 
Elizabeth Keating, MS, APRN, NP-C

Susan Feeney, DNP, FNP-BC
Carol Bova, PhD, RN, ANP 

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 

GSBS Dean’s Award
Kate L. Lapane, PhD

GSBS Faculty Awards 

For outstanding contribution to curricular development 
Systems and Computational Biology Course Team

A.J. Marian Walhout, PhD
Robert C. Brewster, PhD
Job Dekker, PhD
Michael J. Lee, PhD
Amir Z. Mitchell, PhD
Lutfu Safak Yilmaz, PhD

For outstanding research mentoring and commitment to student professional advancement
Nese Kurt Yilmaz, PhD

Paul R. Thompson, PhD 

For outstanding contributions to trainee mentoring and/or professional advancement 
by a postdoctoral associate
Jessica L. Feldman, PhD

For outstanding contributions in the lecture and classroom settings
Egil Lien, PhD

School of Medicine 

Outstanding Medical Educator Awards
Mai-Lan Rogoff, MD

Howard Sachs, MD

Educational Achievement “Star” Award
PURCH Curriculum Team
Heather Sankey, MD

Kevin Hinchey, MD
Rebecca Blanchard, PhD
Raquel Belforti, DO
Sam Borden, MD, FAAP, FACP
Justin Ayala

Opioid Curriculum Team
Melissa Fischer, MD, MEd

Jill Terrien, PhD
Kavita Babu, MD
Jennifer Reidy, MD 
Madeline Nunez Johns
Jeffrey Baxter, MD
Dan Mullin, PsyD, MPH

Resident/Fellow Award
Charlotte DeLeo, MD

Dean’s Award: Lamar Soutter Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Medical Education
Michele Pugnaire, MD

Eric Schmidt, MD 

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring

Carol Bova, PhD, RN, ANP, professor of nursing and medicine


 The Last Lecture

Presentation of The Last Lecture by the recipient of the Chancellor’s Medal for Distinguished Teaching was added to the event program in 2011. Medal recipients are nominated by the faculty and selected by the Chancellor. Criteria for this honor describe having fostered students’ personal, intellectual and professional development.

Anne Gilroy, MA, professor emeritus of radiology in the Division of Translational Anatomy

“Looking Forward Through the Rearview Mirror"

Anne Gilroy, MA, professor emeritus of radiology in the Division of Translational Anatomy