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Genetics and Pediatric at UMassMed, SIP of Science Forum Series.


Professor Jessica Pagano-Therrien (Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing)

  • Her primary role at UMass has been working with HIV infected children and adolescents. Some of her patients are now beginning to have families of their own. The children are born HIV negative, but it's incredibly gratifying to be able to take care of 2 generations.
  • She is a novice researcher with interests in research ethics as related to children and families.
  • She loves spending time on the beach, hunting for sea glass. She can get lost in the hunt for hours, but finds it therapeutic!  


Professor Beverly Hay (T.H. Chan School of Medicine) 

  • From a clinician’s viewpoint, our ability to detect genetic changes has outpaced our ability to understand their meaning. 
  • One of the best things about her job is having the opportunity to engage children while explaining to their parents what “genetics” means.
  • She drives a nerdy electric car and loves it.
  • A few years ago she took up a new sport by rowing crew.  It has been great fun, even if she has to wake up very early in the morning. 


Professor Allen Jacobson (Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences)

  • He has a longstanding interest in the molecular mechanisms of gene expression.
  • Results from his basic research on gene expression have led to the development of a drug likely to beneficial to patients suffering from a large number of different genetic disorders. 
  • He’s really happy about the Bob Dylan 2016 Nobel Prize in literature. 


Topics discussed. 

  • Current practices of medicine, challeneges and more in genetic diseases.
  • Future of medicine in genetic diseases, CRISPR, gene therapy, and more.