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Students as Interdisciplinary Professionals (SIP)

About Us

Students as Interdisciplinary Professionals (SIP) formed to create an environment where students and faculty at UMass Chan Medical School community can make meaningful interdisciplinary relationships. We want to engaged the community in intellectual conversation over great food and beverages in a congenial environment. With the help of the (IPEG) grant, we organize events called SIP of Science, where students and faculty converge to meet and "sip" scientific and medical discussion. 

SIP of Science goals are three-fold.

  1. Interact 
    • To allow interaction with your peers and faculties. Relax and socialize over great food and drinks! (It's Social
  2. Learn 
    • To learn about your UMass community by listening about ongoing research and clinical topics from all three schools. (It's Educational)
  3. Connect 
    • To connect faculty and students in their community AND with other schools. This is a great opportunity to from your UMass network. (It's Professional)


To direct SIP of Science events, we formed an organizational team including student representatives from each of the three schools. With support from our faculty mentors, Dr. Michael Kneeland and Dean Terence Flotte of the Office of the Dean, Provost and Executive Deputy Chancellor, we have gained guidance and feedback that has helped shape the program we have today. We are proud that SIP of Science is build upon collaboration between interdisciplinary students and faculty as we set out to provide this resource to others throughout the UMass Chan community.


We hold two SIP of Science events 1) forum series and 2) invited speaker series. The overarching goal of SIP of Science is to create an opportunity for students and faculty to engage in an academic conversation in a social setting. Find more information by clicking SIP of Science.