Summer Experiences

Summer Experiences Description

The BaccMD Summer Experiences are tuition- free four- week residential programs for Medical Scholars of the BaccMD Pathway. Medical Scholars reside at Worcester State University and receive transportation to and from the UMass SOM to their activities throughout the week. These summer programs offer enrichment opportunities to enhance participants' academic and communication skills, as well as increase knowledge of the medical school admissions process and financing a medical school education. Additionally these summer programs offer participants the opportunity to interact with medical students, scientists, physicians, and other health care professionals. Upon successful completion of each summer program, participants are awarded a Certificate of Achievement and a stipend.


First Summer Experience- Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) 


    • The SEP provides participants the opportunity to become familiar with the requirements for medical school and graduate education. The academic components focus on improving written and verbal communication skills, study skills, reading speed, comprehension, time management, and test taking strategies in anticipation of the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). Participants practice listening and interviewing skills. Students take course work in Physics and English. Multiple sessions on completing the American Medical College Admissions Service (AMCAS) application and the personal statement are conducted. Mock medical school interviews and workshops on financing a graduate/ professional education are provided. Participants conduct Health Disparity research project. Enrichment speakers conduct hour-long seminars on cultural and contemporary health issues. Optional weekend observations in the Emergency Department are available for participants.

Second Summer Experience- Summer Clinical Immersion Experience (SEII)