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Student Ambassadors 2019-2020

Preclinical students who are currently applying for admission to the School of Medicine and have questions about student life at UMMS are welcome to contact our Student Ambassadors for more information.

Alice Berenson
Harvard University, 2016

Richa Chhaya
University of Connecticut, 2018

Colin Flannelly
The College of New Jersey, 2015


Emily Gentile
The George Washington University, 2016

Andrew Johnson
Hofstra University, 2017


Rosemary Kelley
Elon University, 2015

Jess Ma (PURCH)
Dartmouth College, 2016                    

Arden Marin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018

Olivia Nuelle (PURCH)
Marquette University, 2016

Rachel Padilla
Cornell University, 2017

Hayden Peirce
Brown University, 2016

Julia Sherman
University of Chicago, 2016

Rebecca Toohey
University of Massachusetts - Amherst, 2017

Megan Trilokekar-Fernandez
Tufts University, 2018