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We have decided to continue with virtual interviews for the 2021-2022 application cycle.

Multiple Mini InterviewsMMI

Invited applicants will experience the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) style of interview. Applicants will  participate in a circuit of eight independent short interview stations. They review a scenario for two minutes and then meet with a rater to discuss the scenario for six minutes. The applicant then moves to the next station and a new rater. The rater then provides an assessment of their interaction with the applicant. The station scenarios do not test or assess scientific knowledge but instead focus on issues such as communication, ethics, critical thinking, teamwork and opinions on health care issues.

Check out the New York Times article highlighting the power of the MMI and learn more about the process. 

Interviews are by invitation of the Admissions Committee and are arranged at a mutually convenient time. MD applicants interview on a scheduled one-day event and MD/PhD applicants interview on scheduled two-day events. Interviews are held on campus in the iCELS area of the Albert Sherman Center. PURCH Track applicants will also be invited to interview at Baystate Health in Springfield, MA. Applicants will be advised of their check-in times. MD Applicants should plan on the day ending at approximately 5 p.m. Interview day will include an orientation prior to the MMI, an overview of our admissions process, curriculum and financial aid presentations. Applicants will have the opportunity to meet our current medical students who will inform you of student life at UMass Chan Medical School and take you on a tour of our state of the art facilities. 

Due to the complex nature of the MMI, if an applicant arrives late or misses the start of the interviews, they will need to connect with our interview coordinator to see if we can reschedule the interview. A sample scenario is below.

Overnight accommodations may be available when in-person interviews are conducted.  


MMI Scenario Example

Since the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak most health care institutions have put into place rigid visitor policies that allow a limited number of visitors to visit patients and only during specified hours of the day. In many health care institutions, a common restriction has been a limit of two visitors at a time during a six hour period each day. Initially, staff and health care organizations were very satisfied with visitor policies. However, patients, families and patient advocates launched multiple complaints regarding the restrictive visitor policies.

Consider the viewpoints both supporting and opposing restrictive visitor policies and discuss these with the interviewer.


Overnight Accommodations

Overnight Accommodations

Applicants needing accommodations while in town for interviews can find a variety of hotel options near campus. Some current UMass Chan Medical School students are willing to host out-of-state guests coming to Worcester for interviews at the UMass Chan Medical School campus. There may also be overnight facilities available at the UMass Chan Medical School-Baystate regional campus as well.

Information on how to make arrangements with a UMass Chan Medical School student host will be provided to you when you have confirmed your interview date. Please let the Interview Coordinator know that you are traveling from out of state and that you would like to arrange for a student host. You will be contacted by the Student Hosting Stewards. Arrangements will be made on an as available basis. Reminder that this option is available only to out of state applicants. Student hosts are not responsible for transportation to and from area airports.

Please Note:  The opportunity to potentially stay with a current UMass Chan Medical School student during your school visit is being provided as a courtesy to you and is not in any way sponsored, endorsed, managed or supervised by UMass Chan Medical School in any way.  This housing is privately owned and/or rented by T.H. Chan School of Medicine students and not by UMass Chan Medical School. UMass Chan Medical School has no control over these premises or the activities that occur thereon. Accordingly, should you elect to stay at one of these private residences, you do so voluntarily, at your own risk, and know that UMass Chan Medical School is in no way responsible for same. 

If you are an out-of-state applicant and you have been invited to interview for the PURCH Track, please submit an inquiry to, as Baystate may be able to provide housing on the night prior to your PURCH interview day in Springfield. Please note that requests may not always be accommodated, based on occupancy.