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The Voices of UMassMed podcast series, produced by the UMMS Office of Communications, will take you behind the scenes of University of Massachusetts Medical School. Each podcast will examine the stories behind the pioneering science, health care and education at UMMS. You can also subscribe to Voices of UMassMed directly on SoundCloud.


If you have a podcast idea, e-mail the Office of Communications at UMMSCommunications@umassmed.edu.

Chancellor Michael F. Collins

Aug. 6: Leading a Medical School

 Upcoming podcasts

Elinor Karlsson, PhD

Coming Aug. 20: Citizen Science and Dog Genetics


Steven Hatch, MD

Coming Sept. 4: Tackling the Ebola Crisis


Jennifer Reidy, MD

Coming Sept. 17: Addressing Palliative Care


John Harris, MD, PhD

Coming Oct. 1: Vitiligo: More than Skin Deep


Nancy Byatt, DO, and Tiffany Moore Simas, MD

Coming Oct. 15: Caring for Mothers with Perinatal Depression

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