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Partnership Opportunities

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Our Lab is always interested in possible partnerships and collaborations. Below are some highlighted common options and we encourage you to contact us to get the discussion started for potential collaborations and partnerships.

Knowledge exchange/consulting
In need of advise? We gladly help you with your experiments and ideas and are happy to share our knowledge on the retina and retinal degenerative diseases. We will answer individual questions promptly or entertain longer term consulting relationships when necessary in order to help you advance your research.

Collaborations and/or Sponsored Research with Acadimia or Industry
Are you looking for experimental expertise in the retina? If you would like to outsource part of your work that requires experience with retinal and eye tissue our lab is will be happy to help. We have also extensive experience with sub-retinal and intra-vitreal injections of drugs or viruses and are equipped with different diagnostic tools to assess overall retinal health and function.

Reagent Exchange
We are happy to provide you with any published reagents we have generated as well as upublished reagents. However, depending on the nature of the reagent this may require the execution of an MTA.

Our lab is always looking for new opportunities to advance our research form bench to bedside. Commercialization of products that benefit the greater good is our ultimate goal. To that end we are developing new mutation independent gene therapy strategies to prolong vision in Retinitis Pigmentosa and with our new mouse model of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) we are probing new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Check out our Blogs & News page for updates on our research and opportunities to partner.

Want to learn more how we can partner together?

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