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Psychiatry Residency Curriculum

Our graduates are independent practitioners with a mature approach to diagnosis, treatment selection, psychological and somatic therapies, and critical reading of the psychiatric literature. They are comfortable utilizing both psychodynamic and cognitive psychotherapy techniques with individuals, families, and groups; have robust experience in neuropsychiatry; have learned administrative skills, taught in public fora, and have pursued at least one area of interest in depth.

Clinical Experience

UMass Psychiatry residents treat a wide array of patients representing all socioeconomic strata, diverse cultures, races and ethnicities, in general hospital, state hospital, private hospital, and subspecialty inpatient units; and general hospital, VA, private practice and public sector outpatient clinics.


Our residents have up to seven hours per week of individual supervision depending on post-graduate year. Residents receive dedicated individual supervision in psychodynamic and CBT modalities rather than generic psychotherapy supervision.