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IPEG 2013-2014 Awards


Interprofessional Transitions-of-Care Curriculum for Medicine Subinterns and Nurse Practitioner Students

PI: Erika Oleson DO MS
Co-PI: Jill Terrien PhD APN BC

Evaluating the Implementation of an Interprofessional Team STEPPS Curriculum for Medical Students Using High Fidelity Simulation

PI: Sneha Shah MD
Co-PI: Paul Zgurzinski MD; Debra Heitmann MD; Virginia Mangolds MD FNP-C BSEd CEN; Steven Bird MD

Interprofessional Operating Room Crisis Management with Clinical Decision Making Support

PI: Spiro Spanakis DO
Co-PI: Mary Ann Camosse RN

Assessing the validity and reliability of the Situation Awareness Global Assessment Techniques (SAGAT) Instrument in interprofessional simulation scenarios

PI: Maureen Wassef PhD
Co-PI: Eileen Terrill PhD; Jorge Yarzebski MD MPH