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Neurology Research Community Spotlights - Together we make a difference

Nicholas Wightman, Mgr. Research Operations

Nicholas Wightman, Mgr. Research Operations, Brown Lab

Nicholas Wightman has been a pillar of our laboratory research team since 2009 when he joined Brown Lab. This October will mark his 15th work anniversary with UMass Chan Medical School. Nicholas was born and raised in Worcester where he also earned a BA in Biology from Assumption College. He had been fascinated by science from a young age, and working with Dr. Brown has allowed him to learn about research and the science behind it.

"When I started I knew nothing about working in an actual research lab. Thanks to the phenomenal team that Dr. Brown works with, I was able to learn and grow professionally. Now, I am one of the most senior members of the team and I am happy to share what I have learned with the next generation of scientists."

When considering future career pursuits, Nicholas mentions he would like to obtain a master's or maybe even a PhD in the future.

Nicholas has shared he finds working in research to be rewarding because there is always something new to learn. Every day presents new challenges and techniques to master. The most rewarding aspect of his day is being able to help others and make sure his team gets what they need to succeed.

Thank you Nicholas Wightman for your dedication to our team. 

Kirsten Berthoud, Clinical Research Coordinator

Kristen Berthoud, Clinical Research Coordinator

Kristen Berthoud, MS, Clinical Research Coordinator, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Kristen Berthoud, MS, joined the Neurology Department in the fall of 2023 supporting the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) program. She is a native Massachusettsian living between Topsfield and Harvard Massachusetts. 

Kristen has had a love for research for many years which started as a reference librarian at Fidelity Investments. She switched her focus from finance to science with her love of biochemistry, physiology, and understanding how nutrition and medications work in the human body. Kristen has an MS from Maryland University of Integrative Health in clinical nutrition.

Kristen earned research experience at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) as a clinical research coordinator and at Dana Farber as a regulatory coordinator. 

Outside of research, Kristen teaches pilates, yoga, and group fitness.

Sheryl Kelley, Clinical Research Coordinator

Sheryl Kelley, Clinical Research Coordinator

Sheryl Kelley, MPH, Clinical Research Coordinator, Neuromuscular Research

Sheryl Kelley, MPH, joined the Department of Neurology on January 16, 2024, supporting the Neuromuscular Division.

Sheryl has worked in research for over 18 years which includes the role of director of data quality focusing on achieving the highest quality clinical trial efficacy data. She has also contributed to research as a clinical finance director. 

She earned her masters in Public Health (MPH) with a concentration in Biostatistics from Boston University and a bachelor of science in Biology from Stonehill College. 

"I feel a deep appreciation for the daily opportunity to contribute to a greater cause, toward easing human suffering." - Sheryl

Sheryl finds interacting directly with patients to be extremely rewarding. Her recent research and clinical interests in aiding patients through research experience and education have been influenced by volunteer patient support in hospice care. 

Outside of research, Sheryl has taught aerial yoga for many years and also enjoys hiking.