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Basic Science Platform Presentation

Unbiased multiplex antigen screening of Cerebrospinal Fluid detects microbial and autoantigenic epitopes associated with Multiple Sclerosis, co-authors: Nathaniel Barton, BS, Khanh Tran, BS, Meagan Olson, BS, Mugdha Deshpande, Adrian Orszulak, BS, Samantha Chigas, BS, Jonathan Sundstrom, BS, Pepper Dawes, BS, Liam Murray, BS, Carolina Ionete, MD, Elaine Lim, PhD, Christopher C Hemond, MD, Rigel Chan, PhD 

Nathaniel BartonPresented by: Nathaniel Barton, BS, Research Associate in Chan/Lim Lab (Rigel Chan Lab and Elaine Lim Lab) provides bioinformatic support and analysis for data generated by wet lab experiments. Nathaniel joined the lab in November 2022 making contributions to the development of a machine-learning pipeline for analyzing flow cytometry data, developing a computational method to identify disease-enriched antibody binding epitopes and the analysis of single-cell spatial sequencing data.

Nathaniel came to UMass Chan Medical School with a double major in genetics, genomics and Biotechnology, and Bioinformatics from Brigham Young University (BYU) with minors in computer science and molecular biology. 

Nathaniel's research interests center around utilizing multi-omic data to uncover mechanisms of disease in humans. He plans to apply for PhD programs this upcoming fall.