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Humanized Liver Mouse Model

Humanized Liver Mouse

What is a Humanized Liver Mouse Model?

We have developed a new mouse model with a humanized liver, as a tool to perform in vivo experiments in a human background. Briefly, this model was developed by crossing NOD scid gamma (NSG) mice with PiZ mice (expressing human Z-AAT), performing partial hepatectomy, then injecting human liver cells which will predominantly repopulate the liver due to the lower growth rate of the murine PiZ hepatocytes. 

This humanized mouse model has many advantages over the existing models. It is easy to generate, has a high survival rate, and leads to a good proportion of human hepatocytes. This model can be used to test human-specific constructs in vivo. Possible applications include: assessing tranduction of human hepatocytes by novel AAV capsids, testing human-specific transgenes, etc.

If you are interested in using this mouse model, please contact us!

In collaboration with Dale Greiner and Michael Brehm


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