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Current Students

  • Deniz Kent

    Deniz Kent

    Visiting Scholar

    "I am motivated by translating basic science into something people want."

    MSc in Biomedical Science and Translational Medicine, King's College, London, UK
    BSc in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Bristol, UK

    Research interests
    Stem Cell Biology, Immunology 

    I have two projects I have been working on for my PhD.
    1) Investigating the existence and function of bi-potent stem cells in the human liver (Kent and Segal et al, Nature Communications, 2019).
    2) Conducting a high-throughput screen on hiPSC-derived hepatocytes generated from patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (A1ATD) to identify new therapeutic strategies (manuscript in preparation). Both projects have been running in parallel for the last 3 years. My time in the Mueller lab is focused on testing a new therapeutic strategy for A1ATD.