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Gabriela Toro, Graduate Student
Currently Nonclinical Scientist I at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical

Abbas Abdallah, Postdoctoral Associate
Currently Postdoctoral Associate in Business Development & Innovation at UMass Medical School

Lei Zhang, Research Associate
Currently Research Associate at UMass Medical School

Florie Borel, Postdoctoral Associate
Currently Associate Director at ApicBio

Gabriella Oliveira, Undergraduate Intern

Kelsie Nunes, Undergraduate Intern

Huaming Sun, Research Associate
Currently Graduate Student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Hiroko Nagase, Postdoctoral Associate

Zachariah Foster, Undergraduate Intern
Currently Student at Wesleyan University

Brynn Cardozo, Undergraduate Intern
Currently Research Associate at the Jackson Laboratory

Patrick Sweeney, Research Associate
Currently Research Associate at the University of Vermont

Evren Kocabas-Argon, Research Associate
Currently Research Associate at Idera Pharmaceuticals

Andrew Cox, Research Associate
Currently Medical Student at Geisel School of Medicine

Nirmal Singh, Research Associate
Currently Adjunct Professor at Quinsigamond Community College and Becker College

Nicole Bebrin, Volunteer Summer Student
Currently Research Associate at Mass Biologics

Madeleine Gomel, Volunteer Summer Student
Currently Graduate Student at Rice University

Lina Song, Research Associate
Currently Research Associate at UMass Medical School

Li Weiying, Visiting Scholar
Currently Medical Student at Sichuan University, China

Kailai Duan, Postdoctoral Associate
Currently Scientist at UMass Medical School

Nicolle Shandrow, Volunteer Summer Student
Currently Engineer at Azzur Consulting

Dmitry Ratner, MD/PhD Student
Currently MD/PhD Student at UMass Medical School