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Nicolas Fandino-Rubio

Date published: November 1, 2023

November Resident Spotlight: Nicolas Fandino-Rubio, MD

For this month’s Resident Spotlight, we highlight Nicolas Fandino-Rubio, MD, a second-year Categorical Internal Medicine resident at UMass Chan. Here, Dr. Fandino-Rubio describes his clinical and research interests, what makes UMass a great place for residency, and his passion for soccer. 



I am originally from Bogota, Colombia. 

What are your clinical and research interests?
I am interested in the field of cardiology as well as healthcare disparities. As such, I am interested in further exploring ways to bring quality care to the most vulnerable.  

What makes UMass a great place for your residency? 
Our diverse patient population is one of our biggest strengths. I find myself frequently using my own heritage and language to connect with many of our patients and create a positive impact in their care. UMass also creates a wonderful environment to learn and grow, I am lucky to work with wonderful and compassionate colleagues and mentors who have supported me through this entire journey.  

Favorite Hobby? 
I really enjoy playing soccer with our co-residents and attendings on Thursday nights at our local soccer league. I also like to take the top off my Jeep and go for long rides on our beautiful New England roads. Like a good Colombian, I am also passionate about coffee and am currently working on improving my latte art.  

Favorite thing to do in Worcester/Worcester area? 
I like to check out different local breweries, restaurants, and coffee shops.