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Photo of Fizzah Iqbal, MBBS

Date published: March 1, 2024

March Fellow Spotlight: Fizzah Iqbal, MBBS

In this month’s Fellow Spotlight, we highlight Fizzah Iqbal, MBBS, an Endocrinology fellow. Here, Dr. Iqbal describes her clinical and research interests, why she chose UMass Chan for her fellowship, and her favorite place to travel. 


Karachi, Pakistan 

What are your clinical and research interests? 
Pituitary, adrenal, and diabetes 

Why did you choose UMass for your fellowship? 
After completing my residency at the University of Cincinnati in 2009, I moved to the UK and worked in the NHS (National Health Service). My fellowship at UMass Chan provided me with the opportunity to come back and practice in the US healthcare system. Importantly, I have been fortunate to work with a diverse and experienced team that emphasizes independent thinking and encourages constant learning. I have seen and managed some very interesting and rare endocrine conditions here and acquired considerable experience with managing insulin pumps!  

Are you involved in any other groups or activities at UMass that you’d like to highlight? 
I am not part of any formal committees, but have been involved with teaching residents and medical students and look forward to continuing to do so!  

Where is your favorite place to travel for vacation and why?  
Currently, I am away from my family (kids and husband) in the UK, so going back home whenever I get a chance is a priority! Otherwise, Florence, Italy, is probably one of my top spots to visit. 

What would you sing at Karaoke night?  
Any old Bollywood song!