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Hima Doppalapudi

Date published: January 3, 2024

January Fellow Spotlight: Hima Doppalapudi, MD

In this month’s Fellow Spotlight, we highlight Hima Doppalapudi, MD, a Renal Medicine fellow. Here, Dr. Doppalapudi describes her clinical interests, why she chose UMass for her fellowship, and her favorite vacation spot and activities.  


Victoria, BC, Canada 

What are your clinical interests? 
I love all aspects of Nephrology, especially the pathophysiology, and would like to continue with general nephrology rather than gravitate toward a particular field.  

Why did you choose UMass Chan for your fellowship? 
During my fellowship interview, I felt right at home and knew this was where I wanted to complete my training. My attendings are approachable and the environment is perfect to develop our skills with ample autonomy with sufficient supervision. My fellowship has helped me also find long-lasting friendships and is helping me grow into the clinician I strive to be.  

Where is your favorite place to travel for vacation and why?
My husband and I love traveling and we just got back from Kauai. I think Kauai is one of my top three places to travel to after that trip. There was a wide range of activities to do, from hiking, kayaking, ziplining, and mountain tubing to sailing along the coast, and simply basking in the sun with your feet tucked into the sand on a beautiful beach was so refreshing. The food scene is a whole other story, from food trucks (we had the best breakfast ever at one) to fine dining, it was all delicious. I can’t wait for the next trip! 

What is your favorite game or sport to watch and play?
Catan is one of my all-time favorite games (the Cities and Knights version is even better). I have been trying to watch more football since my husband is a huge football enthusiast, although I will have to say that it’s still a ways away from calling it my favorite. I love playing badminton and have been meaning to follow the trend of trying out pickleball.