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Rina Modha

Date published: November 27, 2023

December Fellow Spotlight: Rina Modha, MD

In this month’s Fellow Spotlight, we highlight Rina Modha, MD, a fellow in the Division of Rheumatology at UMass Chan. Here, Dr. Modha describes her clinical interests, why she chose UMass for her fellowship, and her favorite vacation spots!  

Buena Park, California. 

What are your clinical and research interests?  
I love all aspects of Rheumatology, but if I had to name a clinical interest, it would be Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

Why did you choose UMass for your fellowship? 
When I interviewed for a fellowship position at UMass, I noticed how approachable the attendings and staff were. The work environment was appealing, and the program's culture was extremely welcoming. I appreciated the clinical exposure fellows experienced with individual patient panels and the breadth of pathology in the community. The program was a good fit for me based on my professional goals as a clinical rheumatologist.  

Where is your favorite place to travel for vacation and why?  
I enjoy traveling to tropical places. A few of my favorite vacation spots are Cancun and Maui. Sitting on the beach at sunset with family and friends while listening to the ocean waves is priceless! 

What is your favorite game or sport to watch and play?  
Basketball is so fun to watch, although I don't play myself. I played tennis competitively before medical school and hope to get back out on the court more often