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Viral Vector Therapeutics

MassBiologics’ 30,000 square foot South Coast facility in Fall River is dedicated to the development and cGMP production of viral vector based therapeutics.  The facility is designed, maintained and operated to manufacture these cutting-edge therapeutics under the highest quality standards.  The facility can support production of a wide variety of viral vectors, including AAV, AdV & Lenti virus using adherent, suspension adapted and insect cell lines.  Suspension adapted processes are executed in single-use bioreactors.  The facility also maintains a dedicated aseptifc filling suite with a fully automated fill line, capable of filling lot sizes from a few hundred vials up to approximately 25,000 vials per campaign.  The facility also houses a viral vector process development lab ready to support a variety of project needs.

Please contact us to learn more about MassBiologics SouthCoast.