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Cell line & Culture Development

MassBiologics welcomes projects from vector construction to harvest.  MassBiologics can develop an optimized batch-fed process for the production of therapeutic candidates, further; MassBiologics can help optimize an existing process. Our team has experience working with most commonly used mammalian cell lines including CHO, NS0 & HEK.

MassBiologics may be able to accelerate upstream process development timelines by providing access to its proprietary serum-free, chemically defined media.  This expression platform technology is well suited for monoclonal antibody production and routinely delivers titers in the range of 3-5 g/L.

High throughput screening / optimization can be performed in up to 500 simultaneous shaker flask experiments.  Resources available include:

  • 10 Benchtop bioreactors are available (DasGip™ & Applikon™)
  • Scale up bioreactors (10L DasGip, 60L Applikon™)
  • WAVE disposable bioreactors (2-20L)
  • Millpore™ Pod Filtration System
  • Nova Analyzers
  • ForteBio™ Octet® Analyzers
  • Cedex™ cell counters
  • FACS Analysis
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