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Cell Culture-Bulk Drug Substance

MassBiologics facilities support cGMP biopharmaceutical production in mammalian cell culture.  Drug substance upstream processing is performed in accordance with FDA and EU standards. 

Our team has experience working with the following mammalian cell lines:

  • CHO
  • NS0
  • HEK

MassBiologics has developed its own proprietary chemically defined media and feed that routinely delivers titers in the range of 3-5 g/L. 

cGMP Processing Equipment include:


  • 55L ABEC S.S. Bioreactor
  • 500L ABEC S.S. Bioreactor
  • 2500L ABEC S.S. Bioreactor


  • Pall PK-50 Chromatography Skid
  • Pellicon UF/DF Skid
  • Planova 20N Nanofiltration Skid
  • Sterilization Skid
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