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About US

Rittenhouse Lab


Ann Rittenhouse, Ph.D.

Lab head and Principal Investigator
As an undergraduate, I spent my junior year at Bristol University where I was exposed to neuroscience in both cell biology and psychology courses. I was smitten! Throughout my career, I have gravitated towards questions about neural plasticity
Prof. Ann Rittenhouse Professor  NCBI    

Lab Alumni

Curtis Barrett, PhD

Pamela Gonzalez, MD  Pediatrics, University of Minnesota Medical Center - West Bank Campus

John Heneghan, PhD

Paul Jasper, PhD

Maggie Lee, MD

Liwang Liu, MD

Tora Mitra-Ganguli, PhD

Prosper N’Gueomo, PhD

Mandy Roberts-Crowley, PhD

Lee Stanish, PhD

Rubing Zhao-Shea