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Clinical Studies


IBD & Pregnancy (The MELODY Trial) The Correlation Between Nutrition, The Microbiome, and Your Baby Infants inherit DNA from both parents but inherit gut bacteria mostly from their mother. As infants pass through the birth canal, they acquire beneficial bacteria. These first bacteria initiate the infant’s early microbiome and play a pivotal role in the development of a robust immune system that is protective against IBD. Mothers with IBD lack these beneficial bacteria. Thus, by favoring beneficial bacteria in the maternal microbiome during pregnancy through diet, we posit they will be pass on to babies promoting a healthier immune system development in infants born to mothers with IBD. We are seeking pregnant women with IBD to participate in a trial that will evaluate the efficacy of diet intervention during the third trimester of pregnancy. This study's goal is to determine if manipulation of the mother’s microbiome, through diet, would benefit their baby. The diet aims to promote a healthier immune system during a critical time of immune system development.

What are the benefits for participants?

• Monetary compensation of up to $900

• Personal nutrition counseling tailored to each participant

• Personalized meal plans

• Cooking classes for local participants

• On demand cooking videos featuring professional chef

• The opportunity to help advance research on diet intervention for pregnant women