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Feng He, Ph.D.

Dr. He received his B.S. from Beijing Agricultural University, China and his Ph.D. from National Institute of Agronomy Paris-Grignon, France. He performed his postdoctoral research as a Medical Foundation/Charles A. King Trust fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Allan Jacobson and is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Physiological Systems at the UMass Chan Medical School. Dr. He’s research addresses the basic molecular mechanisms that control cytoplasmic mRNA translation and decay in eukaryotes. His early work identified several key factors involved in yeast NMD and defined the substrates for this mRNA decay pathway. His recent work uncovered several unusual regulatory mechanisms involved in mRNA decapping, including transcript-specific regulation mediated by Edc3 and both the positive and negative regulation of the yeast decapping enzyme mediated by genetic elements located in the C-terminal domain of Dcp2. Dr. He has published over 40 publications on post-transcriptional regulation.
Prof. Feng He Assistant Professor  Google Scholar    NCBI