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Preventive Medicine

Table 5: Examples of UMMC Preventive Medicine Research Projects


  • Factors Associated with the Utilization of a State Funded Cervical Cancer Screening Program in a Rural Health Center
  • Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Tobacco Use Reduction Project in an HMO
  • Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Hispanic Males Living in a Housing Project
  • Community Needs Assessment for the Franklin County Community Health Center
  • Community Health Center Elder Outreach to Improve Preventive Services in the Medically Underserved Elderly Population of Springfield
  • Assessment of Barriers to Hepatitis A Prophylaxis in International Travelers
  • A Survey to Measure Health Risks in Southeast Asian Adolescents Attending Worcester High Schools
  • Barriers to Contraceptive Utilization Among Adolescent Women Attending a Family Planning Clinic
  • Predictors of Immunization Compliance in a Community Health Center Serving the Medically Underserved
  • Dietary and Lifestyle Therapy of Prostate Cancer After Biochemical Recurrence
  • Prevalence and Predictors of Chlamydia Infections Among Men Attending State Funded STD Clinics in Massachusetts
  • Evaluation of a Statewide Literary Project, "Raising Readers" in Maine
  • Evaluation of PID Surveillance in a Large HMO (Harvard Pilgrim)
  • Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a School Based Anger Management Program
  • Evaluation of a Public School Smoking Cessation Program Using School Nurses as Smoking Cessation Counselors
  • Needs Assessment: Colorectal Cancer Screening in the African American Population in Springfield
  • Analysis of Eating Patterns Among Participants in a Worksite Wellness Program
  • A Survey of Primary Care Physicians: Diagnosis and Management of Obesity in the Patient Care Setting
  • Dietary Changes in Partners Attending Lifestyle Intervention Classes with Men with Prostate Cancer
  • A Statewide Survey of Pediatricians and Family Medicine Physicians to Assess Weight Management Practices in Pediatric Patients
  • A Survey of Public Health Departments in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Assessment of Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management Practices
  • Tick Borne Illness in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Co-Infection Rates with Lyme, Babefiosis and Erlichiosis
  • The Relationship Between BMI and Viral Load in Female Inmates Positive for Hepatitis C
  • A Survey to Assess Use of Car Seats and Booster Seats in Pediatric Patients