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Faculty in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health have published hundreds of articles over the years. Listed below (alphabetically by faculty member name) are the most recent publications (from the previous 12 months), and those recently accepted for publication.

Nicholas Apostoleris, Stacey Auger and Rosemarie Spaulding.  Caring for Expectant Mothers with Behavioral Health Issues. Public Housing Quarterly Information Bulletin, National Center of Public Housing, Spring, 2009.

Jeffrey Baxter, Mihail Samnaliev and Robin ClarkThe Quality of Asthma Care Among Adults with Substance-Related Disorders and Adults with Mental Illness. Psychiatric Services 2009;60:43-49.

Alexander Blount and Benjamin MillerAddressing the Workforce Crisis in Integrated Primary Care. J Clin Psychol Med Settings (online publication), January, 2009.

Lucy Candib, Matthew Silva, Suzanne Cashman, D Ellstrom and K Mallett. Creating Open Access to Exercise for Low Income Patients Through a Community Collaboration for Quality Improvement: If you Build It, They Will Come. J Ambul Care Mngt 2008;31(2):142-150.

Suzanne Cashman, Judy Savageau, Warren Ferguson and Dan Lasser. Community Dimensions and HPSA Practice Location: 30 Years of Family Medicine Training. Family Medicine 2009;41(4):255-261.

Suzanne Cashman. Analyzing and Interpreting Data with Communities. Book chapter in Community Based Participatory Research for Health, 2008.

Suzanne Cashman and Laurie Forlano. Collaboration Between Professional and Mediating Structures in the Community: Social Determinants of Health and Community-Based Participatory Research. Book chapter in The Handbook of Health Behavior Change, 2008.

Robin Clark, Sharada Weir, Rebecca Ouellette, Jian Ying Zhang and Jeff Baxter. Beyond Health Plan: Behavioral Health Disorders and Quality of Diabetes and Asthma Care for Medicaid Beneficiaries. Medical Care 2009;47(5):545-552.

Robin Clark and Jeff Baxter. Policy Brief: Overview of Buprenorphine Treatment for Opioid Addiction. Published by the Substance Abuse Policy Research Program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at: .cfm?KAID=13.

Robin Clark, Mihail Samnaliev, Mark McGovern. Impact of Substance Disorders on Medical Expenditures for Medicaid Beneficiaries with Behavioral Health Disorders. Psychiatric Services 2009;60:35-42.

Lori Pbert, Alan Flint, Kenneth Fletcher, Martin Young, Susan Druker and Joe DiFranza. Effect of a Pediatric Practice-based Smoking Prevention and Cessation Intervention for Adolescents: A Randomized, Controlled Trial. Pediatrics 2008;121:e738-e747.

Joe DiFranza, Judy Savageau, Ken Fletcher and Bob Wellman. Enforcement of Underage Sales Laws as a Predictor of Daily Smoking Among Adolescents: A National Study. BMC Public Health 2009;9:107.

Chyke Doubeni, Wenjun Li, Hassan Fouayzi and Joe DiFranza. Perceived Accessibility of Cigarettes Among Youth: A Prospective Cohort Study. Am J Prev Med 2009;36(3):239-242.

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Martha McLoughlin and Jeremy Golding. Managing Cellulitis Effectively. Emergency Medicine 2008(Nov);40(11):34-38.

Darlene O'Connor, Judy Savageau, David Centerbar, Kim Wamback, Jennifer Ingle, and Nicole Lomerson. Lesson in a Pillbox: Teaching About the Challenges of Medication Adherence. Family Medicine 2009;41(2):99-104.

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Bill Shaw, Glenn Pransky and Thomas Winters. The Back Disability Risk Questionnaire for Work-Related, Acute Back Pain: Prediction of Unresolved Problems at 3-Months Follow-up. J Occup and Environ Med 2009;51(2):185-194.

Bill Shaw, DA van der Windt, CJ Main, P Loisel, and SJ Linton. Early Patient Screening and Intervention to Address Individual-Level Occupational Factors ("Blue Flags") in Back Disability. J Occup Rehabil 2009;19:64-80.

PH Helmhout, JB Staal, CG Maher, T Petersen, J Rainville and Bill Shaw. Exercise Therapy and Low Back Pain: Insights and Proposals to Improve the Design, Conduct, and Reporting of Clinical Trials. Spine 2008;33(16):1782-1788.

Hugh Silk, Catherine Webber and Maureen Dubrueil. Enhancing the Hospice Curriculum within the Family Medicine Clerkship. Family Medicine 2009;41(4):240-22.

Hugh Silk. Teaching Learners About Pediatric Caries Prevention. Family Medicine 2009;41(1):11-12.

Carole Upshur, Melodie Wenz Gross and George Reed. A Pilot Study of Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation for Children with Behavioral Problems in Preschool. Early Childhood Research Quarterly 2009;24:29-45.

Jake Veigel. Injury Prevention in Youth Sports. Current Sports Medicine Reports 2008;7(6):348-352.

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Sharada Weir and Robin Clark. Case Selection for a Medicaid Chronic Care Management Program. Health Care Financing Review 2008;30(1)):61-74.

Christopher Wheelock, Judy Savageau, Hugh Silk and Scott Lee. Improving the Health of Diabetic Patients Through Resident-initiated Group Visits. Family Medicine 2009;41(21):116-119.