Research Initiatives


The academic research findings of the department's faculty are often accepted for presentation at local, state and national meetings.  In addition, many of our faculty are often invited to present their educational and clinical research findings - both nationally and internationally.  Listed below (alphabetically by faculty name, though many presentations included faculty from other departments/institutions) are some of the more recent presentations made by department faculty:

Ron Adler:
“Universal Promotion of Cancer Screening Drives Low-Value Care: Pink …or Think” (6th Annual Lown Institute Conference)
"Cancer Screening Pitfalls Mitigated by Shared Decision-Making: Helping Residents Understand and Communicate Difficult Concepts” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
“Cancer Over-diagnosis Explained: A Simple Graphical Model” (Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference)

Sandra Augusto, Ivonne McLean, Wendy Barr, Keith Nokes, et al:
“Education on Race, Racism, Implicit Bias and Privilege: Perspectives Across Four Family Medicine Residency Programs” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Sandra Augusto, Kristina Gracey, Shameen Wijesundara, et al:
“Bridging the Gap Between Systems and Patient Care: Development and Implementation of a Fluoride Varnish Workflow During Well Child Checks at a Rural Health Center” (poster; 51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Bob Baldor:
"Evidence Based Medicine: What Do We Really Know about Treating People with IDD and Behavioral Health Challenges?” (START National Training Institute Meeting)
"Parkinson’s Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment” (AAFP FMX Meeting)
“TIA and Stroke: Diagnosis and Treatment” (AAFP FMX Meeting)

Phil Bolduc:
“Ending HIV: Family Physicians on the Front Line of Prevention” (AAFP FMX Meeting)
Ten Things a PCP Should Know About HIV Prevention and Care(2018 New England AIDS Education and Training Center Primary Care Conference)
“Bridging Syndemics: Infections and Substance Use Disorder” (DPH/Mass. Medical Society Symposium)

Phil Bolduc and Chris Bositis:
“The National HIV Curriculum: A New Standard in HIV Education” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
“Curing HCV in the Medical Home: Lessons from Across the Nation’s Family Medicine Residency Programs” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
“Transitioning Residency with HIV Skills into Practice” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Lucy Candib:
Survivors Surviving, Surviving Survivors: Thinking About Trauma and Resilience: Our Own and Our Patients(2018 New England AIDS Education and Training Center Primary Care Conference)

Lucy Candib et al:
“Faculty Whispering: Reflecting with Early Graduates and Senior Family Medicine Leaders about Career Transitions” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Stephanie Carter-Henry:
“In Pursuit of Equity and Diversity in the Family Medicine Workforce and Leadership” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Suzanne Cashman:
“A Pilot Study of Role-Play in Improving Faculty Facilitation of Small Group Discussions on Race and Privilege in Medical School” (poster; Association for Prevention Teaching and Research Annual Meeting)
“Effective Competency Development” (Association for Prevention Teaching and Research Annual Meeting)
“Embedding Community Engagement in Academic Medicine” (AAMC’s Leadership Forum)

Robin Clark:
“Health and Healthcare for Homeless Families in Massachusetts” (Statewide Meeting of Emergency Shelter Providers for MA Dept of Housing and Community Development)

Dennis Dimitri:
“Update on the Opioid Epidemic: Might Safe Injection Facilities be Part of the Solution?” (MA Academy Annual Meeting)

Frank Domino:
“Top 10: Updates from the Medical Literature”  (MA Academy Annual Meeting)
“Motivational Interviewing for Weight Loss” (AAFP FMX Meeting)
“Top Ten Updates in Evidence-based Medicine” (AAFP FMX Meeting)
“Manual Medicine in Allopathic Education” (STFM Conference on Medical Student Education)

Alan Ehlrich:
“The Certainty of Net Benefit” (2017 Evidence Live Conference)

“Highs and Lows of Marijuana Use: Talking with Patients” (Massachusetts Medical Society Symposium)

Warren Ferguson:
HIV, HCV and Criminal Justice Involvement: Evidence-based Strategies to Improve Outcomes(2018 New England AIDS Education and Training Center Primary Care Conference)
“Implementation of Medication-assisted Treatment in Jails and Prisons” (1th Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health)
“Person-First Language for a New Era of Correctional health Research: Words Matter When Promoting Health for All” (11th Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health)

Warren Ferguson et al:
“Social Justice Behind and Beyond the Bars: Criminal Justice Health and Academic Medicine” (AAMC Annual Meeting)

Leonard Finn:
“Mindful Engagement with our Work: Skills to Address Burnout, Resilience and Wellbeing” (AAFP FMX Meeting)
“Leading Group Visits for Obese Patients: How to Listen, Plan, Implement and Use Billing Codes for Effective Intervention” (AAFP FMX Meeting)

Paula Gardiner:
“Integrative Medicine Group Visits: Who Does Well in the Group Visits and Who Attends the Group Visits?” (8th Annual Integrative Medicine for the Underserved Conference)
“Initial Experience with Co-Management of Low Income Pediatric Patients with Functional Abdominal Pain?” (poster; 8th Annual Integrative Medicine for the Underserved Conference)
“Prevalence of Integrative Medicine in Pediatric Pain Clinics Across the United States” (poster; 8th Annual Integrative Medicine for the Underserved Conference)
“A Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Chronic Pain and Depression Using Integrative Medicine Group Visits” (poster; 8th Annual Integrative Medicine for the Underserved Conference)
“Using an Innovative mHealth Tool to Reduce Chronic Pain in Patients with Health Disparities” (poster; 8th Annual Integrative Medicine for the Underserved Conference)

Kristina Gracey:

“It’s Your Move: Does a Collaborative, Patient-Centered Approach Increase Physical Activity Among Patients” (poster; 51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
“OB Review: More Than a Requirement” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Joe Gravel et al:
“Learn Advocacy Skills Today and Practice What you Learn on Capitol Hill Tomorrow” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
“Learning from Others’ Mistakes: Effectively Teaching ABFM Professionalism Guidelines” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Lisa Gussak, Phil Fournier and Anthony Larusso:
“Physician, Heal Thyself: Dealing with Substance Use Disorders in Medical Students” (STFM Conference on Medical Student Education)

Lisa Gussak:
“Learning and Lactating” (STFM Conference on Medical Student Education)

Heather-Lyn Haley:
“Race, Power and Privilege in Clinical Settings” (Penn State Medical Center’s Extra-ordinary Care for Diverse Patients by Care Providers Series)

Amber Hewitt and Steve Martin“Assisting Patient Populations with Addiction Needs” (2017 Annual Learning Collaborative Primary Care Works)

Amber Hewitt:
“Preparing Physicians to Practice Integrated Behavioral Health: A Competency Based Curriculum” (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association conference)
“Teaching Harm Reduction: A Critical Skill in Treating Substance Use Disorders” (STFM Behavioral Science Forum)

Judy Hsu:
“Project ECHO: Moving Knowledge, Not People” (MA League of Community Health Center’s Community Health Institute)

Paul Jeffrey, Kim Lenz, Tasmina Hydery and Bonnie Greenwood:
“An Evaluation to Determine the Most Cost-Effective Site of Care for Delivery of High-Cost Infused Medications in a State Medicaid Population” (poster; Academy of ManagedCare Pharymacy’s Annual Meeting and Expo)

Paul Jeffrey, Kim Lenz and Bonnie Greenwood:
“Impact of Lumacaftor/Ivacaftor on Pulmonary Exacerbation Rates in Members with Cystic Fibrosis in a Medicaid Population” (poster; Academy of ManagedCare Pharymacy’s Annual Meeting and Expo)

 Leanne Jones, Daria Szkwarko, et al:
“On the Same Wavelength: Assessing a Cross-Cultural POCUS Workshop in Kenya” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Carolyn Langer:
Transforming Systems and the Role of the National Standards for Systems of Care for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs(Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs: 2018 Annual Meeting)
“Massachusetts Case Study: Address Medicaid Sustainability, Reform and Alignment – MassHealth Delivery Systems Restructuring” (13th Annual Government Health Care Congress)

Dan Lasser, Bob Baldor and Judy Savageau“A Multiyear Departmental Faculty Mentorship Program: Structure, Process, and Outcomes” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Jim Ledwith et al: “Treating People with Chronic Pain and Addiction: A Continuum” (FMEC Annual Meeting)

Charles Lehnardt:
Expanding the Lens: Screening to Focus our Efforts (ROME: Regional Osteopathic Medical Education New England Conderence)

Kim Lenz:
Patient Review and Restriction Programs: Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs and the Need for Collaboration (Academy of ManagedCare Pharymacy’s Annual Meeting and Expo)

Mary Lindholm:
“Post-Menopausal Bleeding – A Practical Approach” (MA Academy Annual Meeting)

Mary Lindholm, Bob Baldor, Frank Domino, and Karen Rayla:
“Grade Inflation and its Effect on Family Medicine Interest and Residency Rank Lists and Preparedness” (STFM Conference on Medical Student Education)

Steve Martin, Ivonne McLean, et al:
“Initiating Marginalized Care in Family Medicine: Lessons Learned from Providing Abortion and Addiction Care at Three Residency Sites” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

 Steve Martin:
“Preventing Over and Under-Diagnosis: Conservative Diagnosis Principles” (Lown Institute Conference)
Comprehensive Care: Principles and Practice of Responsible Insourcing” (IHI Annual Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice and the Community)

Lisa McGonigal:
“Culinary Medicine Intervention with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD-AID)” (Health Meets Food 2018 Conference)

Ivonne McLean et al:
“Evaluation of an International Peer Partnership Program for Research Capacity Building Amongst Family Medicine Specialty Training Program Registrars in Lesotho” (poster; 51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Maria Michas:
"Preventing Blood Borne Pathogen Exposures: Practical Advances from the Front Line of Medicine” (Am Occupational Health Conference)

Dan Mullin:
“Evaluating Primary Care Behavioral Health: Measure and Metrics” (North American Primary Care Research Group)
“Integrated Care Strategies for Patients with Opioid Use Disorder” (2018 Integrated Health Care Conference)
“Evoking Realities that Support Change: MI and Narrative Therapy” (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers/MINT Annual Forum)

Dan Mullin, Phil Bolduc, Dennis Dimitri, Steve Martin, Stacy Potts:
“A Comprehensive Approach to Opioid Prescribing and the Needs of Patients with Opioid Use Disorder by an Academic Department of Family Medicine” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Dan Mullin and Sandy Blount:
“Building the PCBH Workforce by Developing Non-Clinician Team Members” (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association conference)

Keith Nokes et al:
“Addressing the Social Determinants of Health: A Health Center Financial Opportunity Center Collaboration” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
“A Qualitative Study of Food Insecurity Experiences in an Urban-Latino Immigrant Community” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Stacy Potts, Jay Broadhurst, Stephanie Carter-Henry and Ginny Van Duyne:
“Training Physician Leaders: A Longitudinal Curriculum for the Future of Family Medicine” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Stacy Potts:
“Leading From the Inside Out” (AAFP FMX Meeting)
“Career Planning: History of My Future” (AAFP FMX Meeting) 

Tina Runyan et al:
“Fostering Wellness in the Clinical Learning Environment: A Systems Approach to Caring for Caregivers" (AAMC Annual Meeting)

Tina Runyan, Ginny Van Duyne and Dan Lasser:
“Fostering a Culture of Resilience Among Residency Faculty Through Leadership and Faculty Development” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Tina Runyan:

“National Healthcare Trends: Implications for Integrated Care” (Missouri Pirmary Care Association)
“Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Personal Resilience in Medicine” (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association conference)

Judy Savageau
“The Institutional Review Board (IRB): Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)
“Healthcare Utilization and Opioid Overdoses among Medical Members with Criminal Justice Involvement: An Exploratory Analysis” (11th Academic and Health Policy Conderence on Correctional Health)

R Samelson, Judy Savageau, K Holt, Kate Sullivan and Hugh Silk:
“Educating Residents About Prenatal Oral Health: 2012 versus 2017” (poster; Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology (CREOG))

 Sherrilyn Sethi, Sara Shields, Hugh Silk, Neha Wacks, Joanne Dannenhoffer, et al:
“The Reflection Roadmap: Medical Humanities in Residency Education” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Sara Shields, Tracy Kedian and Wendy Barr
“Making Cents for Maternity Care” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

T Jiang, SH Ticku, MA Tavares, CA Riedy, Hugh Silk, Kate Sullivan and Judy Savageau:
“Interprofessional Education in Dental Schools: Results of a National Survey” (poster; National Oral Health Conference (NOHC))

I Isong, Hugh Silk and Judy Savageau:
“A National Survey of Oral Health Curricula in Pediatric Residency Programs” (poster; American Academy of Pediatrics)

Hugh Silk, Martha Duffy, et al:
“Coping with Chronic Pain: A Comprehensive Group Visit Approach” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Hugh Silk, Judy Savageau and Kate Sullivan
“An Update on Oral Health Curricula in US Family Medicine Residency Programs: A National Survey” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Hugh Silk:
"Integration of Oral Health and Primary Care – Where Have We Come From, Where Are We, and Where Are We Going?” (Reede Scholars Annual Health Equity Symposium)
“Engaging Health Schools and Residencies Based Upon a National Survey of Current Oral Health Education” (National Oral Health Conference (NOHC))

Anita Glicken and Hugh Silk:
“Evaluating the Integration of Oral Health and Primary Care Training in the U.S.” (popster; International Health Workforce Collaborative (IHWC))
“Oral Health Integration in Physician Assistant (PA) Education 2017” (poser; American Academy of Physician Assistants)

Sonal Singh:
“Oral Direct Acting Antivirals and the Incidence or Recurrence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma” (Healthcare Systems Research Network of the NIH Collaboratory Grand Rounds)
“Resurgence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in the Era of Oral Direct Acting Antivirals. Cause or Consequence? Fundamentals of Biomedicine Seminar Series” (Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center)

Daria Szkwarko et al:
“Taking on the Pediatric Obesity Epidemic: Caregivers’ Perspectives on Implementing Group Nutrition Education in a Family Medicine Clinic” (51st STFM Annual Spring Meeting)

Bob Wellman, H Dutczak, MP Sylvestre, EK O’Loughlin, A Montreuil, G Datta and J O’Loughlin:
“Exposition aux Facteurs de Risque pour le Tabagisme: Le Role du Status Socioeconomique" (Jounrees Annuelles de SantaPublicque [JASP])

Bob Wellman et al:
“Sex Differences in Cigarette Smoking Onset” (Canadian Cancer Research Conference)

Susan Wolf-Fordham and Jill Morrow Gorton:
“Public Health and Disasters: Integrating Three Projects” (APHA Annual Meeting)