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Research Initiatives


The academic research findings of the department’s faculty are often accepted for presentation at local, state and national meetings. In addition, many of our faculty are often invited to present their educational and clinical research findings – both nationally and internationally. Listed below (alphabetically by faculty name, though many presentations included faculty from other departments/institutions) are some of the more recent presentations made by departmental faculty:

Kathleen Barry:
“Developing a Systematic Approach to Evidence-Informed Decision Making in Medical Education” (STFM Annual Spring Conference, 2021)

Lucy Candib et al:
Getting Better All the Time...” Late-Career Transitions and Retirement Planning for Individuals and Organizations (STFM Annual Spring Conference, 2021)

Suzanne Cashman and Susan Hogan:
“Understanding Medical Student Perceived Priorities in Addressing the Social Determinants of Health” (Association for Prevention Teaching and Research Annual Meeting)

Suzanne Cashman:
“Project Planning and Evaluation” (Paul Ambrose Scholars Program).
“Pre-clinical Medical Student Reflections on Implicit Bias: Implications for Learning and Teaching” (Association for Prevention Teaching and Research Annual Meeting)
“Pre-clinical Medical Student Reflections on Implicit Bias: Implications for Learning and Teaching” (Beyond Flexner Annual Conference)

Steve Earls et al:
“The Rise of Team Documentation: Impact on the Quadruple Aim and the Future of Medical Education” (STFM Annual Spring Conference, 2021)

Paula Gardiner et al:
“Improving Virtual Integrative Medical Group Visit Programs for Chronic Pain: Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Pandemic” (poster; Integrative Medicine & Health Symposium).
“An Integrative Health Equity in Implementation Research” (Integrative Medicine & Health Symposium)
“Platform for Self-Management of Hypertension: A Feasibility Trial” (Integrative Medicine for the Underserved meeting).  
“OWL-H Feasibility Trial Reveals Most Desired Features of mHealth Platforms for HTN Self-Management” (poster; Integrative Medicine for the Underserved meeting)

Melanie Gnazzo et al: 
“Designing and Implementing a Strategy to Address Social Determinants of Health in an Urban Federally Qualified Health Center” (STFM Annual Spring Conference, 2021)

Melanie Gnazzo and Mary Lindholm:
“Teaching Medical Students to Assess and Address Food Insecurity: Creating an Interactive, Online, Case-Based Learning Module” (STFM Annual Spring Conference, 2021)

Lisa Gussak and K Fraser:
“Failure as Fuel for Developing Resilience and Fostering Self-exploration” (STFM Conference on Medical Student Education)

Cynthia Jeremiah and Mary Lindholm:
“Taking the Pain Out of Opiate Reduction” (STFM Annual Conference on Practice and Quality Improvement)  “The Value of Small-Group Teaching in the Age of Technology” (STFM Conference on Medical Student Education)

Charles Lehnardt:
“Integrating an Osteopathic Curriculum in Family Medicine Residency” (American College of Osteopathic Family Physician’s Program Director Workshop)

Adele Ojeda, Haley Perkins, Diane Melone, Lauren Eidt-Pearson and Steve Martin:
Contingency Management for Opioid Use Disorder with Low-Cost Positive Recognition (Rising Tides: Current Issues in Substance Use Disorder Care – state OBAT conference)

Stephen Martin et al:
A Postpartum Woman with an Erroneous SARS-CoV-2 Test” (webinar; AHRQ Patient Safety Network;

Dan Mullin:
"Behavioral Health Continuity in Primary Care: Controversy, Evidence, and Future Research” (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association Annual Conference)

Ekaterina Pivovarova:
Use of Medications for Opioid Use Disorders: Implementation Barriers and Facilitators” (Law and Psychiatry Seminar)
Perceived Causes of Addiction and Relationship to Treatment History Among Individuals who Use Heroin” (Academic Consortium for Criminal Justice Health) 

Stacy Potts and Grant Hoekzema:
"Shaping GME: Future of Family Medicine Residency Training Update on ACGME Major Revisions Process" (STFM Annual Spring Conference, 2021)

Judy Savageau, Hugh Silk, et al:
“Leaders in Oral Health Integration: A Comparative Study of 14 Health Professions” (poster; American Academy of PA’s – National PA Conference)

Judy Savageau, M Brindisi, F Miller, L Sefton, A Stoler and D Bernson:
“Opioid Overdoses Among High-Risk Medicaid Members: Healthcare Cost, Service Utilization and Risk Factor Analysis” (AcademyHealth virtual conference)

Judy Savageau, George Ciociolo, Kate Sullivan, Apeksha Tripathi:
“Patient Perspectives Towards Physician Handshakes in the Primary Care Setting” (STFM Conference on Medical Student Education)

Sara Shields:
Induction of Labor and Prenatal Care” (AAFP Family Centered Maternity Care conference) (also presented at the AAFP FMX Conference)
"Expanding Obstetric Capacity" (STFM Annual Spring Meeting, 2021)
"Sharing Our Science and Stories: Conversations About Writing and Reviewing for Family Medicine" (STFM Annual Spring Meeting, 2021)

Sara Shields et al:
“Submitting Competitive Papers for Scholarly Publication” (STFM Annual Spring Conference, 2021)

Sara Shields, Hugh Silk et al:
Improving Your Reviewer Skills for Narrative Medicine” (STFM Annual Spring Conference, 2021)

 C Lord, T Flick, A Glicken, Judy Savageau, Hugh Silk and Robin Harvan:
“A Comparative Study of 14 Health Professions. American Academy of PA’s” (poster; Leaders in Oral Health Integration: National PA Conference) 

Hugh Silk:
“Integrating Oral Health into Prenatal Care Visits – How to Conduct an Oral Health Assessment’ (One Team, One Dream: Collaborating to Improve Perinatal Oral Health Symposium)
“Oral Health, Primary Care, and the COVID-19 Pandemic speaking about Integration of Primary Care and Oral Health: What Does the Future Hold” (webinar; Carequest: Oral Health, Primary Care, and COVID-19 Pandemic: Integration of Primary Care and Oral Health – What Does the Future Hold;

Hugh Silk, Judy Savageau, and Kate Sullivan:
Creating a Model Oral Health Curriculum for Primary Care Schools and Programs” (poster; American Institute of Dental Public Health Summer Colloquium;

Hugh Silk, Judy Savageau, Kate Sullivan, Olivia Nuelle:
“Creating an Oral Health Curriculum Based on National Best Practices – What Are You Waiting For?” (STFM Conference on Medical Student Education)

Hugh Silk and Judy Savageau:
“Want to Teach Oral Health Topics – Here’s How!” (FMEC 2019 Annual Meeting)

Sonal Singh et al:
“Population-based Estimates of Prescribing Cascades Among Older Adults with Alzheimer’s Dementia.” (36th International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology Annual Meeting)

Sonal Singh:
“Prescribing Cascades in Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease: Engaging Patients, Caregivers, Payers, and Providers” (Abstract; 26th annual Health Care Systems Research Network Conference, April 8-10, 2020. J Patient Cent Res Rev. 2020;7:94)
Head-to-Head Comparisons using Real World Data ( RWD): Is the era of network of meta-analysis over”) ISPOR National Meeting; Moderator and Chair] Virtual Meeting. May 18, 2020).

Laura Sturgill and Elizabeth Dykhouse:
“Team Precepting: How Our Model of Direct Observation of Residents Helped Us in COVID” (STFM Annual Spring Conference, 2021)

Laura Sturgill et al:
Putting Evidence Into Practice: Advocacy for and Implementation of Immediate Postpartum LARC” (STFM Annual Spring Conference, 2021)

Virginia Van Duyne et al:
“Speed Group Mentoring for Women Family Medicine Faculty” (STFM Annual Spring Conference, 2021)
“Let's Talk About Sex(ism): Constructive Advice for Women in Medicine and Their Allies to Confront Sexism in the Workplace” (STFM Annual Spring Conference, 2021)